Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Discovering you have a problem with your IT infrastructure after it has occurred is too late. Chances are you are losing money already at that point and your business operations are being disrupted. Not with our Proactive Monitoring.

The Proactive Monitoring services from Seatan Computers monitors the performance of your devices, network and servers, such that we are alerted to a potential problem before it occurs, meaning we can address the issue and resolve immediately.

Remote Proactive MonitoringMonitoring and Management

Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) service is an application that is installed on a client’s servers, PCs and network to gather and feedback critical status information in real time to our engineers.

It provides us with an initial health check for every device on a client’s network, and then goes on to monitor and report on the status of that estate, so that in turn we can report on and resolve any issues that arise. It enables us to remotely track issues, provide remote desktop monitoring and support users remotely.

How can Seatan help you?

Proactive Monitoring services from Seatan Computers can enhance the overall performance of individual devices. Therefore extending their serviceable life and maximising return on investment.