Cloud Services

Seatan Computers provide a mature and flexible suite of cloud services designed for small and medium enterprises that allow businesses to build their capability based on industry-leading systems without taking on the burden of large one-off costs or the ongoing management overheads associated with scalable and reliable services.

Now even the smallest businesses have access to a powerful set of tools that allow them to work productively, communicate better than ever before and protect their data. All our cloud services are managed from a simple web control panel, putting you in real-time control of the services, but without needing any of the technical know-how to administer the back-end systems.

You also know that the services can scale dynamically based on your needs, often month-to-month. So if you take on a large project and need to scale up, no problem. Just add the services in the control panel and you are done. No need to buy extra hardware or resources. And likewise, if your needs change for any reason, then with our flexible pay-as-you-contracts, you are not tied into long term exposure to ongoing costs, allowing you to match you expenditure to your business needs at all times.

Cloud services are dramatically changing the way that businesses work and making possible a world of new opportunities to drive productivity and capability up and drive costs down. Explore our range of cloud services to see how you can benefit.