Network Audits

Network AuditsNetwork Audit Services

Network Audits help by understanding existing network assets is the first step in planning performance enhancements or the deployment of a new service. In cases where acquisition, growth or restructuring and consolidation have taken place, not knowing the details of the estate can stop a project moving forward. As a leading channel partner, our Network Audit can fully addresses this requirement for your customers.

What Network Audits Encompasses

Network Audits from our consultants encompasses all aspects of the deployed network. First of all components including detailed documentation of the network topology and IP addressing employed at interface level as well as providing the following information by device, location and site:


  • description – part codes, name and primary IP address
  • modules – part codes of modules (memory installed)
  • location – site address, building and floor level location
  • software – feature and version
  • serial numbers
  • topology – diagrams showing interconnected network devices
  • status – critical errors, EOL status, or any other serious issue
  • configuration – electronic backup of active configurations
  • Comment on any environmental concerns – rack space, power, air con
Benefits of a Network Audit

A Network Audit documents network assets providing a comprehensive inventory and topology map which enables a true understanding for the future development of the network and to ensure the infrastructure has adequate support services in place. Our detailed audits free up resources and our multi-vendor experience allows us to understand any device status issue.

We provide a timescale for the network audit based on the number of users and will work to ensure minimal disruption.