Microsoft’s Making Office 365 Home and Personal Better, Still Can’t Buy More Storage

Microsoft’s Making Office 365 Home and Personal Better, Still Can’t Buy More Storage

For Microsoft, Office 365 is a cornerstone product that the company must continuously improve so that their customers see value in paying the annual subscription for the software. While Google continues to challenge Microsoft with updates as well, Microsoft is announcing a couple of key updates to Office today that will improve the platform for consumers.

Starting on October 2nd, Microsoft is going to relax the restrictions on the number of devices you can install the software on before having to remove it from another machine; the current limit for Home subscribers is 10 devices and 1 PC and 1 tablet for Personal. After October 2nd, you will be able to install Office on an unlimited number of devices and have five of those machines signed-in at the same time.

The other significant change coming to Office 365 Home is that Microsoft is upping the number of users from 5 to 6. Simply put, you now have six licenses to Office 365 with a Home subscription.

The final update is that you will now be able to manage your Office subscription through your Microsoft account page, rather than having to login directly.

While none of these changes are going to dramatically change the course of history, they do make using the software a little bit easier. These are simple quality of life changes that the company is making likely based off of feedback the team has received during the first couple years of offering the software as a service to consumers.

Unfortunately, Microsoft still isn’t offering a way for consumers to buy more OneDrive storage. At this time, individual accounts are limited to 1TB with no option to buy more capacity.

Credits: - Brad Sams

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