Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 4 is the current flagship in Microsoft’s range of hybrid devices, being both a tablet and a laptop in one. Officially released at the end of 2015, stock supply issues to the UK market have meant that the most powerful i7 processor versions are only now becoming readily available. High global demand caused this stock shortage, with the Surface Pro 4 having been so well received that Microsoft’s supply chain couldn’t keep up.
With plentiful stock now reaching the UK, could now be the perfect time to buy?

Alternative to Traditional Desktops, Laptops and Tablets

Reviews of the Surface Pro 4 have generally been very positive, such as this long-term test carried out by Forbes ‘Surface Pro 4 Long-Term Review: Purity And Power Of Windows 10 Perfected’, summarising that “a windows user would not go wrong in purchasing a Surface Pro.”

There is a choice of Intel processors for the Surface Pro 4, the pick of the bunch is the i7 range which is more high-powered than most business PCs, so performance is definitely not an issue in this compact tablet form factor. The Surface Pro 4 runs the full version of Windows 10, meaning there is no compromise in functionality compared to working with a laptop or desktop. This sets the Surface Pro apart from the likes of the iPad and other tablet rivals.

For those who want the functionality and feel of a PC, while working from their desk, there is a range of accessories available. The familiar Surface Pro keyboard, as seen with previous models, allows the traditional typing feel of a laptop, as well as doubling-up as a protective cover for the screen. Microsoft have improved the Surface Pro 4 keyboard over previous iterations by spacing the keys apart, to allow for faster and more intuitive touch-typing. There is also a new docking station, which allows connection to multiple monitors and the usual desk peripherals, such as mouse, keyboard and wired network connection. Another perk is that all of these accessories are backwards-compatible, to allow users with previous generation Surface Pro models to benefit from the same ergonomic improvements.

Teething Niggles

As tends to happen with any new hardware or software release, early adopters have encountered a few minor issues. The good news is that these bugs now appear to have been addressed, which means consumers can have full confidence that the Surface Pro 4 is tried and tested.

Deploying and Supporting

Seatan can advise on the best Surface Pro model for your business, then help plan and implement your deployment with seamless integration to business line applications. We can also offer ongoing support for your devices, for complete peace of mind.

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