End of Support for SQL Server 2005

End of Mainstream and Extended Support for SQL Server 2005

Microsoft has announced that as of the 12th April 2016, SQL Server 2005 will be out of extended support. This means that security updates and technical support for this product will no longer be issued by Microsoft. Customers still running SQL Server 2005 need to act now to plan their migration.

Upgrading the database is not just a maintenance task, but an opportunity to increase system performance, retain security and compliance, and optimise your infrastructure. Microsoft recommends customers to either upgrade to the latest version, SQL Server 2014, or to migrate to a cloud-hosted SQL Database service, both of which would allow you to achieve breakthrough performance.

Why upgrade?
  • Security – security updates help to protect against new and ongoing threats to your business critical data and to IT system. Businesses running unsupported software are exposed to higher risk of harmful bugs and viruses, spyware as well as other malicious software.
  • Performance – SQL Server 2014 delivers 13x performance improvements comparing to SQL Server 2005. Upgrading to Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 means greater up-time and manageability, improved usage of hardware resources, and choices for a hybrid cloud solution.
  • Compliance – once SQL Server 2005 reaches end of support, the software will no longer meet critical compliance regulations, such as FCA or PCI compliance.
How Seatan can help?

Seatan can provide you with guidance on the best upgrade route for companies retiring SQL 2005. We offer latest versions of SQL, delivered either as a single one-off software purchase or as a recurring monthly managed cloud service. We even manage the entire migration project for you, end-to-end, to ensure a seamless and risk-free transition.

For more information regarding the upcoming retirement of SQL 2005 and how this may affect you, speak to one of our advisers.

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